What better way to spend part of your Saturday than at  the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market in Southern Vermont?  As you already know, farmers’ markets are popping up all over the country supplying communities with local produce and great food.  But in Brattleboro, our farmers’ market is more than food and a a place to sell art.  The Brattleboro Farmers’ Market is a community staple providing residences, visitors and our B&B guests a place to experience the local culture.  Whether you’re looking for great food or a great way to spend a day in Brattleboro, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to experience the uniqueness of our farmers’ market – rainy day, snow storm or shine!

The Brattleboro Farmers’ Market is a year-round Saturday event (also Wednesdays on a smaller scale) featuring some of Brattleboro’s best and most interesting food, products and people.  The food ranges from organic produce and artisan breads to Anon’s Thai dishes (one of our favorites), homemade gelato and wood-fired pizza.   Vegetarian?  Gluten allergy?  Vegan?  There’s no shortage of goods to fill the stomach for lunch or take-out.   Music and art set the laid-back and wholesome vibe for everyone, including the kids.  During the warmer months, occasional dancing, animals and a small play area are great way to entertain while you pick up this week’s produce.  Looking for a place to get the perfect gift?  Try the homemade soap or a piece of jewelry straight from the hands of the artist.   

Today, the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market continues to embed itself in our community as you can see in our farmers market videofrom a few years back.  Brattleboro’s unique ability to attract diversity is evident in the food, products, art and people, especially at the farmers’ market.  From May to October, the farmers’ market occurs in West Brattleboro off Route 9, a half mile west from exit 2.  In winter, it’s located in the heart of downtown Brattleboro in the River Garden.  Come enjoy our farmers’ market and stay with us at Forty Putney Road B&B.  Cheers!

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