There is a movement across America to begin purchasing products that are made locally.  Whole Foods, food cooperatives and local grocers have gained serious popularity in the last few years.

I think people are moving this direction for several reasons.  One reason is certainly the recent contamination scares from imported produce.  This year it was salmonella in tomatoes (but really they meant peppers) and don’t forget that last year it was scallions.  Of course, I also think Americans are more health conscious then ever before and they are looking for organic choices for their families.  I am reminded of the line in the Counting Crows song:

Farmer, farmer, put away your DDT, I don’t care about spots on my apples leave me the birds and the bees…please.

Of course for me personally, it is mostly about supporting my small community and the people in it.

Here in Brattleboro (and I would venture to say most of Vermont) there is a strong showing of support for the fellow “little guy”.  It’s awesome to be able to support the local economy and eat wonderful locally produced produce – and the easiest way to do both is at the Brattleboro Farmers Market.

The market is held every Saturday between 9am – 2pm (there’s a smaller version on Wednesdays as well).   Set outdoors on a great sliver of land with a covered bridge in the distance and next to the oldest house in Brattleboro, the Brattleboro Farmers Market is a must see for anyone visiting the area.

Some of my favorite vendors include True North Granola (which we offer here at Forty Putney Road B&B), Pottery Works (where my sister got her wedding china), and Dutton Farm.  I just can not get enough of Dutton Farms herbs, flowers and fresh produce.  You can also find hand made jewelry, homemade jams, breads, and pastries.  Be sure to save room for lunch as you will find stand after stand of Thai, Mexican, Indian, South African and more.  We are huge Anon’s Thai fans and find that the farmers market is the ideal setting to enjoy their great Thai food.  Of course its all topped off with occasional live music, great people and some pretty killer lemonade…

If you are looking to visit the farmers market, it is located near the Creamery Bridge in Brattleboro Vermont.  It’s open from 9am – 2pm on Saturdays from May through October.  Wednesdays they move a small version of the market into the Brattleboro Food Co-Op parking lot as well, for the same hours.

Of course, the farmers market is just one of the great things to do around Brattleboro.  We hope that you will spend a night or two at our beautiful Vermont Inn and we will be glad to share some more of Brattleboro’s treasures with you.

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