Hogle Wildlife SanctuarySo our inn, Forty Putney Road Bed and Breakfast, backs up to a nice trail along the water that is apparently called the “Hogle Wildlife Sanctuary”. In doing some research I cant seem to find any reference to the history of this sanctuary online.

I have asked some folks around and haven’t had much luck with that either. So far all of the details that we have are that the area east of the water behind us, the “Retreat Meadows” is some type of bird and wildlife sanctuary. We have walked the path many times (its quite a beautiful walk) and have seen plenty of birds and even saw a bald eagle circling overhead last week.

Even in our own yard there are always abundant birds. Some birders who have stayed with us have said that they spotted some unique birds, but for the non-birder like myself, all I can say is that we always have plenty of goldfinches, cardinals, larks, sparrows, bluejays and hummingbirds. As a matter of fact, our giant Japanese Maple is The Retreat Meadows as seen from the landing at the base of our yardhome to about a dozen birds right now.

Anyhow, if you have any information about the who the Hogles are (or were), and / or what specific wildlife is being preserved on this sanctuary, we would love the details to be able to share with our guests.

In the interim, be sure to take the stroll along this path, its a beautiful piece of Brattleboro.

For our guests, the path starts in the back of the yard, to the right.

For non-guests, our parking is limited to guests only, so you can park at the Brattleboro Retreat and pick up this trail along the baseball field. Follow it toward the cliff and you will see the trail there.

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