Brattleboro gets Sucker Punched… The Lennox House for the Mental Insane is a fictional Asylum in the movie Sucker Punch. The Asylum in the movie is located in Brattleboro Vermont and is likely based upon the Brattleboro Retreat, which was formerly called the Vermont Asylum. The trailer for the movie (which opens in March of 2011) shows a shot of the approach to the asylum, with a wrought iron sign very similar to the sign at the Retreat and clearly reads “Lennox House – Brattleboro, Vermont”.

We are writing about this because our Inn, Forty Putney Road B&B, was the Superintendent’s home for the Vermont Asylum from 1929 until 1993. We love finding references (factual and fictional) to the Asylum and the Inn and were excited to see this trailer.

Now while we have never seen a dragon at the inn, and the actual Brattleboro Retreat is a beautiful place overlooking the same water that we are situated on.  It’s fun to see a movie based on a location we are so familiar with.

As an aside, this is also one of the reasons I love reading Archer Mayor books, he uses local places accurately but full of fictional characters. We would love for him to use our Inn in a book… hint hint…

Anyhow we just wanted to share this fun clip. Maybe there are a couple of young innkeepers up on the hill, or maybe the dragon lives in the mysterious underground bunker we have in our backyard (come stay and we’ll show you!). Either way, we look forward to seeing the movie when it comes out and we know the perfect place for the premier 🙂

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