To really experience Vermont, you must sample the artisan cheese, see the leaves change, indulge in maple syrup, stay at a bed and breakfast and, finally, try the local beer. McNeill’s is the oldest brewery in Vermont still in operation, winning over 15 awards since 1994. Located in Downtown Brattleboro, McNeill’s pub is a Vermont must-see and must-try attraction sitting a few miles from the Massachusetts and New Hampshire borders. McNeill’s is also the closest Vermont brewery to Boston, Hartford and New York City (travel time) and sits just a short walk from our southern Vermont B&B. Did we also mention McNeill’s is a short walk from the Amtrack, also in downtown Brattleboro?

McNeill’s pub in downtown Brattleboro occasionally houses live music and features many award winning, hard to find beer styles. Dark Angel, a 2010 International Beer Festival Winner, is a dark beer brewed with cascade hops. If you’re looking for a light summertime craft beer, McNeill’s Blonde Bombshell is great for a day of golf, a BBQ or after a long day of white water rafting You will usually find one or both on tap at McNeill’s pub. Other beers may include McNeill’s MaiBock, Warlord, and one of our favorites, Sunshine IPA. Sunshine IPA is a new favorite that pairs well with cheese.  But drink slowly. It is rumored this super-hopped beverage is 7.5%!

With over 20 breweries in Vermont, our state is home to some of the best and oldest craft breweries and cratf brew pubs in the country. McNeill’s has a long standing tradition of hoppy craft beer and a hippy vibe. McNeill’s was doing hoppy before it was cool and continues to produce crazy beer styles here in Brattleboro, Vermont. McNeill’s can be found on tap and in the bottle around the northern east coast and at our pub!  To us, what better place to have a bed and breakfast for beer geeks than in Vermont, especially Brattleboro, Vermont!!


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