img_2211The West Dummerston Covered Bridge crosses over the West River.  This two span town lattice truss bridge is typical of the covered bridges in Vermont and was built in 1872 by builder Celeb B. Lamson.

What sets the West Dummerston Covered Bridge apart from the many others in Vermont?  Well it is the longest still operational covered bridge in Vermont.  It is 271 feet long and 22 feet wide and what a sight to see!  This historic landmark was rebuilt in 1998 and is fully operational today.

The West Dummerston Covered Bridge is a treasure here in Southern Vermont and should not be missed.  One of the most frequently asked question we receive as innkeepers regarding covered bridges is…why are they covered?  Well, our research seems to indicate that img_6080the bridges were built covered to keep snow and ice off of them.  As you may know ice forms faster on a bridge than a road due to the cold air flowing under it, so that seems to us to be a reasonable answer, but of course there are several theories out there.  Today they are mostly preserved for historical significance.

The best part about this gorgeous architectural structure is that it is only minutes from Brattleboro, VT.  Which of course makes it a just a short drive from our B&B, Forty Putney Road. So weather you are interested in the covered bridges of Vermont, or just taking a scenic drive down route 30, be sure to pause and cross over the Dummerston Covered Bridge, as travelers have been doing for over 130 years.

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